Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays and a Reminder from Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeastern Michigan   


     Holidays can be a wonderful time of being with friends and family, celebrating, and entering into the religious meaning of the season.  And it can also be a time of feeling stress, anxious and depressed.  Rather than being a time of just celebration with family many homes can be filled with tension, conflict and disappointment.

     For some, our expectations for great holidays were established during childhood.  What was once an exciting and magical time can turn into an annual to-do list that feels overwhelming.  We may feel responsible for creating the perfect holiday gathering for our loved ones. Holidays can also be difficult at times because many of us are experiencing the loss of loved ones for the first time this holiday season.  There are other losses too: loss of health, loss of employment, loss of connection with others due to a variety of circumstances like divorce or separation.

    Our culture including the media add pressure on most of us to be certain ways, to over-consume.  This can burden us with considerable debt, emotional, physical and spiritual fatigue. So during this extended holiday season it is important to practice good, healthy self care. 

  • Be realistic about what you can do and provide.  Measure your resources of money, time and energy and plan and celebrate accordingly. 
  • Communicate.  The ideal family is mostly a myth.  We are born into families which have a host of issues of hurt, disappointment and resentment along with feelings of care, love and high regard.  Communicate with others about your and their expectations. Articulate expectations – yours and others – in order to provide realistic events and experiences.
  • Take time amidst all the activities to rest, during the holidays and not just at the end of them. Take times for naps, for walks, for quiet activities that you find nourishing like listening to music, reading, etc.  When appropriate ask for help from others.
  • Eat, drink, be merry, but be mindful of any issues that occur when you eat or drink too much.  If you work hard at your sobriety, increase the number of self-support groups you attend.  Call sponsors and friends and share your struggles and ask for and offer support.

     Intentionally planning for and taking care of ourselves can make the holidays a special time of the year.  And we here Samaritan Counseling Center wish you a blessed, safe and joyous holidays.

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Our Services…

Samaritan Counseling Center offers psychotherapy and educational opportunities in many forms for many needs.

couple counseling

Therapy Services:

If you are facing struggles, it can help to talk to a therapist one-on-one to discuss problems and concerns.  This is frequently the primary method of treatment.  However, there are occasions when another person, important in your life, is included in the treatment.  Samaritan Counseling Center offers individual, couples, and family therapy.

Educational Programs:

If you are engaged, you may be interested in our Preparation for Marriage workshop.  This workshop is designed to provide structure for engaged couples to look at their relationship—to articulate its strengths and pinpoint the areas of potential difficulties. 

For clergy, therapists, and other professionals, we offer Prepare/Enrich Facilitator trainings.  Prepare/Enrich is a couples assessment that helps to identify strengths and growth areas.  It is one of the most widely used programs for assessing couples for premarital counseling and relationship enrichment.

For volunteers and caregivers, such as Stephen Ministers, we offer regularly scheduled Lay Caregiver Workshops that offer continuing education on a variety of topics.

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Convenient Locations…

Samaritan Counseling Center has therapists in eight locations across Southeast Michigan

main office outside


Locations in:

  • Farmington Hills (two locations)
  • Birmingham
  • Allen Park
  • Highland
  • Commerce Township
  • Brighton
  • Northville
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