October Lay Caregiver Presentation

Healing Through Divine Nature: Part Two


Nature has long been a place where individuals are able to practice and experience a spiritual connection to the divine. The natural world offers a unique spiritual experience that has been shown to have great benefits to one’s mental, physical, and spiritual health. However, over the millennia we, as a society, have become increasingly disconnected from nature. With the encouragement of direct interactions with wildlife, plants, and our natural environment, individuals can begin to benefit from the innate healing properties of this connection to nature.

In part one of this workshop, research about nature-based healing and its connection to spirituality was presented. In this second segment, staff psychologist Vanessa Brown, and doctoral intern Derrick Sebree will facilitate outdoor activities with the purpose of developing a deeper personal understanding of the benefits of direct experiences in nature. These activities are intended to be examples of turning to nature for improving holistic well-being. Topics may include spirit animals, plant-based healing, and other eco-therapy techniques.

You need not have attended Part One to participate in and benefit from Part Two.

Portions of this workshop will be held outdoors;

please dress for the weather!

Date: Sunday, Oct. 18th
Time: 2:30—4:30 p.m.
Location: Nardin Park UMC
29887 W. Eleven Mile Rd.
Farmington Hills, MI 48336
Presenters: Dr. Vanessa Brown, Psy.D., LP
Mr. Derrick D. Sebree, Jr. Psy.S., TLLP

Cost: $15.00 if your church does not hold a subscription

To register, call our main office (248) 474-4701

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Our Services…

Samaritan Counseling Center offers psychotherapy and educational opportunities in many forms for many needs.

couple counseling

Therapy Services:

If you are facing struggles, it can help to talk to a therapist one-on-one to discuss problems and concerns.  This is frequently the primary method of treatment.  However, there are occasions when another person, important in your life, is included in the treatment.  Samaritan Counseling Center offers individual, couples, and family therapy.

Educational Programs:

If you are engaged, you may be interested in our Preparation for Marriage workshop.  This workshop is designed to provide structure for engaged couples to look at their relationship—to articulate its strengths and pinpoint the areas of potential difficulties. 

For clergy, therapists, and other professionals, we offer Prepare/Enrich Facilitator trainings.  Prepare/Enrich is a couples assessment that helps to identify strengths and growth areas.  It is one of the most widely used programs for assessing couples for premarital counseling and relationship enrichment.

For volunteers and caregivers, such as Stephen Ministers, we offer regularly scheduled Lay Caregiver Workshops that offer continuing education on a variety of topics.

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Convenient Locations…

Samaritan Counseling Center has therapists in eight locations across Southeast Michigan

main office outside


Locations in:

  • Farmington Hills (two locations)
  • Birmingham
  • Allen Park
  • Highland
  • Commerce Township
  • Brighton
  • Northville
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