Philosophy of Spiritual Integration


We are an interfaith pastoral counseling center with the stated Mission of providing “professional therapeutic counseling and educational services to all God’s people seeking wholeness through emotional and spiritual growth.”



As an interfaith pastoral counseling center, we believe:

  • Social/racial/ethnic/sexual/religious differences are to be appreciated and respected.
  • A holistic approach which recognizes the intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions of personhood is most helpful in working with clients.
  • All religious traditions of clients are to be respected; we will never impose our individual belief systems on any client
  • Every client has a spirituality which may or may not be associated with a religious faith tradition.
  • Life’s crises and transitions are best met by both the knowledge of psychological and psychiatric theory and the wisdom and resources of the client’s religious/faith traditions within an atmosphere of care and respect.
  • We respect the freedom of clients regarding the use of their faith resources in the therapeutic process.
  • We will welcome all clients, offering them an open, accepting, and safe space in which to explore their concerns.

These beliefs are reflected in SCC documents, Board and Staff Board Orientation and Continuing Education Sessions and Clinical Management Processes.