Client Assistance Fund

The Mission of Samaritan Counseling Center is to provide professional therapeutic counseling and educational services to all God’s people.  We are able to fulfill this mission by supplementing the fees of clients who have no insurance or who have insurances that reimburse at a low rate.  It costs our Center 76.00 to provide a counseling session.  Many insurances reimburse mental health services at rates between $38.50 and $60.00 per session.  Our Center is able to provide quality counseling and therapy to all God’s people using the Client Assistance Fund (CAF).

CAF funds are used for:

  • Children, teens, adults, couples and families with no insurance
  • Children, teens, adults, couple and families with low reimbursing insurance
  • Clients who have Medicaid insurance
  • Clients who are sometimes refused service by other mental health providers.

To donate funds to help Relationship Care, click the PayPal Donate button and enter “CAF” into the box labeled “Purpose.”