Preparation for Marriage

Purpose of the Program

The most significant decision any of us ever makes is the choice of a life-partner.  Regrettably, dating practices in our society often make this choice  complicated and difficult.  Couples often are so excited about discovering what they have in common that they sometimes overlook the ways in which they are different.  While in the beginning those differences are often what attract us to the other person, those same differences, later, can become points of conflict and misunderstanding.

It is much easier to prepare for a successful wedding than for a successful marriage.  While a wedding involves concrete tasks that need to be completed, a successful marriage requires time to share feelings—both positive and negative.

This workshop is designed to provide structure for engaged couples to look at their relationship—to articulate its strengths and pinpoint  the areas of potential difficulties.  In this workshop, couples will explore the complexities of marriage—looking at what each individual brings to the marriage and what each is expecting of it.

What is covered?

Topics covered in the workshop include:

· The importance of differences

· Communication Skills: The task of understanding differences

· Conflict Resolution: The art of negotiating and compromising differences

· Commitment:: The achievement of intimacy in spite of differences

· Family of Origin: Different models of marriage

· Realistic Expectation

Prepare/Enrich Testing

The Prepare/Enrich test is given to each partner individually.  Based on your responses, the computerized report identifies areas of strength and areas of growth as a couple.  It summarizes how each of you views your relationship.  You will be offered the opportunity as a couple to meet in a private session with your workshop leader to interpret the report in detail after the completion of the workshop, if you wish.

 The program is meant to supplement, not replace, the counseling received from your pastor before marriage.  Test results can be made available to your pastor with your written consent.

Workshop Format

The workshop will include presentations by the workshop leader, videos, small group and large group discussions, couple sharing and the testing.  No doubt the workshop will become a springboard for further conversations between you and your partner.  Both partners are expected to attend the session.

Workshop Cost:      $225.00 (Per Couple)

Private Session:     $275.00 (Per Couple)

A One Hundred Twenty Five dollar ($125.00), non-refundable deposit must accompany the registration form.  The  balance is due at the workshop.  We accept  cash, all major credit cards, and checks made out to:




Feb. 18, 2017

                at First UMC of Birmingham

                1589 West Maple, Birmingham


April 22, 2017

                at Nardin Park United Methodist Church

                29887 W. 11 Mile Rd., Farmington Hills


June 10, 2017

       at First UMC of Northville

       777 W. Eight Mile Rd., Northville


Sept. 23, 2017

    at First UMC of Birmingham

  1589 West Maple, Birmingham


A minimum of 5 couples is required to run the    Saturday workshops.  The maximum for each       workshop is 15 couples.  Couples may transfer to  another workshop if needed, or they may schedule a private session at an additional cost.


The Prepare/Enrich test must be completed at least two (2) weeks before the workshop or private session


2.  Private Sessions: If you are unable to attend any of the listed workshops, private sessions can be  arranged for you as a couple.   Call the SCC  office to learn more about this format.  The cost for the private sessions $230.00.

Download our Prep for Marriage Brochure